The Red Scarf

On January 25 as I was buttoning my jacket I did not feel my scarf which I had draped around my neck only seconds ago. “Strange,” I thought, but as the morning was drizzling with freezing rain, there was only time to grab the first scarf in the basket. A hurried glance at my random pick revealed a red, sheer scarf with the words JESUS written in silver letters. Jokingly I remarked to my husband that ‘Jesus was going with me today.’

I set off for work on the icy roads at the gentle speed of 60 km/hour. This winter was the first one that I had experienced so much peace of mind, as all our vehicles had studded tyres for the wintry roads.  Today, especially, I was grateful for the tyres as I drove on the glaze of slippery highway with its glossy coat of freezing rain. (For my tropical friends, freezing rain is rain that falls when surface temperatures are at zero degrees Celsius/ 32 degrees Fahrenheit.) The raindrops cool rapidly while passing through the sub-freezing layer of air and then freeze upon impact with any object encountered. Accidents are notorious on roadways when there is freezing rain.)

The highway I use is a single lane highway, the #47. About 10 km before my office, a car going in the same direction as I was, overtook on the left lane. Barely clearing the front of my vehicle, the white car suddenly slithered right and left in front of me. I screamed and pressed on the brakes trying to avoid the out-of-control car which had begun to spin and move in every direction. At the same time I turned the steering wheel as hard and fast as I could to avoid the impending collision. Meanwhile the only sound that I heard were my shouts of JESUS, as the white car spun like a ballet dancer and came to rest far into the ditch on my right. Thought it was just seconds, it seemed like forever before my car stopped with the rear wheels on the road and the front wheels in the snow.

Shaking, shivering and feeling very weak, I grasped the red  scarf and knew that the tangible promise of Jesus’ presence was a confirmation of my safety, going out and coming in. I climbed out and offered assistance to my new found “ditch-friend” who, thankfully, was also unhurt.

The name of JESUS is a complete prayer. It is a solution for every situation under the sun – to bring  peace, joy, security, friendship, joy, love, salvation, deliverance, victory … the list is unending. Friend, call the name of JESUS and see its power work for you.

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