ID-100266921I was a pre-teen when I began to tithe 10% of my meagre allowance, but happily, I started to tutor at age fourteen and my “income” increased and so did my tithe. My mother was convinced that we were successful because of obedience to God, and that belief steered me to tithe every resource I had. And so began “tithing time”. Giving 10% of my hours to God in prayer and Bible reading. If I added church attendance, my time to the Lord surpassed the requisite weekly 10% goal of seventeen hours I had set for myself.

I tithe hours to God up to this day, and during my time with Him I draw inspiration. Jeremiah 33:3 promises, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (NIV). The word “unsearchable” means ” not lending itself to research, hidden”. This implies that research has not captured themes and topics that can be written. The KJV replaces “unsearchable” with “mighty”. It astounds my mind at the potential of “great and mighty and unsearchable things” there are to write about. And that Father God give the heads-up of this not-yet-known intelligence to any who ask and seek. Yes, I’ve proved that my insights and fresh material come in prayer, through my tithe of time with Jesus.

HomeworkYOUR TURN: Dare to see God multiply your time. Tithe 10% of your day to Him. Write down those “things that have not yet been researched” as they come to mind.

COMING UP ON MAY 25 – The Conclusion

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