Vessels in the Night (preview of book)

Living Intentionally:

Having lived in three of the provinces in this huge land of Canada, and travelled through others, I’ve met the most delightful and caring people. They’ve embraced me, helped me settle in, loved my energy. They intrigue me as much as I fascinate them. And the majority are gracious, kind, and patient.

I met the lawyer in 2002, connecting in Toronto where the chance encounter began. Two vessels that pass in the night. A solitary meeting, brief and fleeting, the lights of each ship brightening the life of the other, passing by then drifting out of sight. A juncture in infinity that never comes again, at least not with that same face. Yet it shows up in a different person, in a different place and country. In the kindness of a stranger, a chat with a tourist, a stop at a convenience store. Sometimes it is a gentleman, or a child. We can find professional, compassionate and reliable people everywhere. Right where we are, in the space we occupy on this voyage of uncertainty called life. But even though it’s always a pleasure to meet such a person, I’ve found it’s more desirable and rewarding to be one of them.

(An excerpt from Remarkably Ordinary, the Living Intentionally section of Chapter 11)

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