Why Me to Write/Speak on Heaven, Healing, and Angels?

What are my credentials to write a book about Heaven, Healing, and Angels? What skills and expertise do I have? 

In addition to my confidence and the fact that I am the expert on myself (what happened to ME) here are some facts: (Posted on social media March 5)

1. I am trained in Biblical Theology. In fact, I delivered the valedictory address at graduation, the honour given to the student who scored the highest average mark. (I’m being presented with the trophy in the photo by Rev. Joseph.) 

2. I am a trained teacher with distinction in the Teaching of Social Sciences (grade A) from the University of the West Indies. I held a teaching certificate in Trinidad for secondary school and a Professional A teaching certificate in Saskatchewan for K-12. 

3. I have post-graduate education which establishes my ability to conduct research and communicate intelligently. I can reach educated people as peers.

4. I hold a B. Sc in Management Studies with honours from the University of the West Indies.

5. I hold a certificate in Human Resources & Industrial Relations from Athabasca University, and won the scholarship for the student with the highest scores (scored all A grades). 

6. I have a diploma in Writing from the Institute of Literature.

 7. I’ve written several books which have been successful, and host a show on cable televison entitled ETERNITY.

8. I have preached the gospel for three decades to all strata of society. I can meet the simple, the broken, and the flawed because I’ve been there.

9. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, who has no favourites and will use anyone who makes themselves available. The Lord has opened doors in secular work and “religious” ministry alike that all equipped me for writing the book Touched By Eternity. I give the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the glory, and pray to draw many to Christ. 

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