Press Release for TOUCHED BY ETERNITY by Robert White

 Sometimes a person you have never met impacts you greater than those in your daily life. Such was journalist Robert White whose company Canadian Christian News Services did the press release for my memoir TOUCHED BY ETERNITY. I have the email where Robert wrote that the release had garnered a higher-than-average response by those opening it. We had many conversations about Eternity and today Robert went to behold it in person.

I can only be wistful for Heaven, and happy to have had Robert read my book and launch it to the world.

Love and prayers to all who shared his wonderful life.

Below is the press release that Robert wrote on May 2, 2019.


MELVILLE, SASK. – (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) – In her newly-released memoir, Touched By Eternity: A True Story of Heaven, Healing, and Angels, and 20 years after her first trip to heaven, author Susan Harris unleashes the closely guarded secrets of her three near-death experiences, miraculous healings and encounters with angels.

In 1998, 2015, and 2017 Harris’ ill-health and pain rendered her unconscious and she crossed to the other side. She has entered heaven, seen hell and been shown signage in the eternal world. Harris has been escorted by angels in the heavenly realm and had two encounters with angels on earth, one of which was shared by her husband in Las Vegas while on their honeymoon.

A high school teacher of 12 years, speaker for three decades, and television host of Eternity, Harris’ training in biblical theology has prepared her to interpret and articulate her experiences with confidence. Christian psychiatrist Dr. Andel Roberts of Trinidad & Tobago describes Touched By Eternity as “An eye-opening and thought-provoking account of the reality of life after death.”

Harris, the author of 10 and co-author of four books including the Little Copper Pennies series which memorialized the iconic Canadian one-cent coin, has had the rare privilege of experiencing the dynamics as the human body exhales earth and inhales eternity, and came back to talk about it.

Her husband was witness to the changes in her body while she lay dying in 2017 and she has her own vivid clarity of her soul transitioning. Their accounts form an indisputable “two-sided coin of the physical and spiritual aspects of dying.” Harris’ insights and ideas on what occurs before arriving at the pearly gates may challenge certain long-held assumptions about life and death, and life beyond death.

Kathleen Gibson, author, faith columnist and broadcaster of Simple Words in Saskatchewan, sums up Touched By Eternity: “This book clearly serves as witness to a truth: the other side of eternity lays barely a whisper from us. By her testimony, though at the cost of repeated bouts of ill-health, God has shown Susan Harris treasures in hidden places. Her impeccably detailed recounting of her visions and their interpretations both fascinates and invites.”

Peter Black, pastor, freelance writer, and author from Ontario says, “Readers who delight in checking out symbolical matters should find her closing chapters fascinating, for there she presents intriguing numerological parallels that she views as reflective of the heavenly.”

Black concludes, “The spiritually hungry and those who experience severe suffering may gain understanding and receive comfort through a thoughtful reading of Touched By Eternity.”

Touched By Eternity is a relevant read for anyone longing to know more of a loving God and the life that awaits us.

ISBN 978-0-9949869-4-8 (pbk) ISBN 978-0-9949869-6-2 (ebook)

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